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Dealing with COVID-19

YES we are OPEN…

Dr. Barry and Dr. Bryan are here to help you.
Massage Therapy now being provided in accordance with all State/Muni Mandates.
IF you, your friends, or their friends need chiropractic care we will be happy to see you ALL in a COVID-19 prohibited environment.
Call to schedule an appointment, 907-349-4212

Municipality of Anchorage Offices – Chiropractic offices are considered healthcare facilities and serve critical roles that are necessary to combat this public health emergency or provide critical community functions and cannot be put on hold. Chiropractic offices are encouraged to remain open. While open, offices should comply with social distancing guidelines as much as possible, including by maintaining six-foot social distancing for employees and for members of the public, including when any customers are standing in line. For more information: Municipality of Anchorage

Our Patient Support:

We recommend patients follow guidelines issued by the CDC, and if you’re not feeling well, please take steps to safeguard yourself and remain at home.

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I put off coming into see Dr. Barry because of time because I work across town & it’s hard for me to break away from work, because I’m tired after work… blah blah blah. I finally made my back a priority as it started locking up and causing all sorts of pain. Here I am having my back stretched and preparing for an adjustment- one that I know will help in the long run! Thank you Doc!


A friend of mine recommended me to Dr Barry about a year ago. I was have lower back pain so bad that it hurt to set or stand. After four treatments it was much better, I continued to see Dr Barry and now haven’t had any pain for 8 months. Not ONLY does Dr Barry adjust you but you get a massage as part of the treatment



I have been going to Dr. Matthisen for 2 years as a UAA student athlete. He helped me get back into training after a bad sprained ankle within a week. I also went to him after getting whiplash in a car accident and I did not need insurance! I still see him regularly for just everyday pain. His massage therapists are the best and the staff is always super friendly! I will continue going to Dr. Matthisen because he is awesome and I know I can trust him and his judgement.



Have been visiting this establishment for the past 15 plus years. Dr barry has done great work. Most recently I have been seen by Dr. Bryan. Very Informative, educated, thorough, and caring. His true goal is to help clients achieve maximum relaxation without the daily aches and pains. Thank you for all the years of continued support thru little issues to post accident care. Cheers.




Chiropractic Therapy

Finding the right chiropractor can be difficult. We strive to offer the most comfortable and effective experience possible. For adjustments, alignments, and more expect unparalleled attention and care. Your needs are assessed, and a plan is put together that gets you back to a normal, active, daily routine.

Massage & Physiotherapeutics

Not only do we provide chiropractic care, we offer massages for sore muscles and effective physical therapy. Alaska can be a physically demanding place, and sometimes our bodies pay the price. Whether your pain stems from athletics or accidents, choose Alaska Back Care for comprehensive body pain treatment.

Whiplash Therapy

Treating whiplash injuries is our specialty. Are you experiencing neck pain due to a car crash or other physical trauma? We’re there for you. Dr. Matthisen has been involved with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego since 2002, and strives to stay on the forefront of whiplash research. You can trust our expertise.

Now Offering Telemedicine!

Need some care but can’t get into the office? We now have options that will allow you to continue social distancing but also get you the help you need.



Patients continuously describe us as confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and friendly. We know choosing a chiropractor can be difficult. It is our goal is to make it easy.

Our clinic is intentionally casual to make you comfortable, and you can be confident in our chiropractor, Dr. Matthisen. He bases his diagnosis and treatment on current scientific research and remains at the forefront of whiplash research.

We treat a wide variety of back pain, neck pain, and much more.

There are many different types of ailments we treat neck pain, upper back, and lower back pain, disc-related pain, muscle pain, shoulder problems, arm and/or leg pain, hip pain, headaches, pinched nerves, dizziness and more. Whether you need an adjustment, an alignment, a massage, or physical therapy, you can count on Alaska Back Center. Our expertise enables us to properly assess your needs to give you proper treatment.

We understand the causes of body pain.

Life happens. We get it. Pain can stem from a number of sources, including whiplash from motor vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation injuries, sports/recreation/home injuries, as well as age-related pain and degenerative conditions. Whatever the reason, we take it into account in providing the care you deserve.

We use state-of-the-art technology.

We are the only chiropractic clinic in Alaska that utilizes Digital Motion X-Rays (DMX) to diagnose and treat our patients. This latest innovation in x-ray technology allows us to check for factors that other forms of imaging cannot. Dr. Matthisen continues to stay on the forefront of whiplash research, and our DMX provides invaluable insight.

We help Alaskans get back out there.

Alaska is the type of place that will keep you on your toes. In order to enjoy it to your fullest potential – as well as enjoying your own day-to-day routine – you deserve the informed, qualified, compassionate care that Alaska Back Care Centers provides. Don’t let back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, or anything else slow you down. Get in touch with us today!


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