Playing sports is a great form of exercise and they encourage people to be active. Professional athletes play sports for a living and it is how they make their money. However, playing popular sports do increase the chances of experiencing a serious injury. As time goes by, players are at an even higher risk of suffering a physical injury.

In fact, there are many types of injuries players can suffer. Some are more serious than others. Here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Sprains

Many people eventually experience a sprain, usually, it’s an ankle sprain. These types of injuries happen when ligaments on the outside of the ankle tear, after the foot turns inwards. The best way to avoid a sprained ankle is to work on your balance. Another way to prevent this type of injury is to strengthen the ankle.

2. Groin Injuries

A lot of football players suffer from groin injuries. There are a few exercises you can do to prevent injuring your groin, and this includes doing ball workouts to strengthen the groin or using adduction machines. Also, stretching before and after a game can play a role in preventing groin injuries.

3. Shin Splints

Running is one of the primary reasons for shin splints, which can cause pain in the shins. There are various factors that can cause splints, and this includes not wearing the right running shoes or upping the intensity of a workout. Keeping short strides while running is a good way to reduce the chances of experiencing a shin splint.

Slowly building up intensity over time is another way to reduce the risk of shin splints. Start off slow with your runs. As time goes by, then you can increase the speed you run at and the distance you go.

4. Dislocated Shoulder

This is another common injury that can be caused by things such as a hard fall, a tackle or other types of collisions. It’s when the upper arm bone becomes dislocated from the shoulder socket. It is a very common injury in sports such as soccer, hockey, and football to name a few. However, the injury can occur in weightlifting, yoga, and cycling too.

You can strengthen your rotatory cuff. This can reduce the chances of experiencing this type of injury. Do exercises such as push-ups, shoulder shrugs and use resistance bands.

5. Pulled Muscle

Many things can cause you to pull a muscle. This includes weakness, not warming up properly or not having much flexibility. The most commonly pulled muscle are the hamstrings. This tends to happen during activities such as running, jogging and playing sports that require a lot of running.

Stretching before and after an activity can prevent pulling a muscle. Also, try to avoid strenuous activities when you are tired. The same applies if you’re feeling weak.

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