Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic Therapy Services

One of the most widely cited reasons for missing work and being unable to complete regular activities is back pain. Fortunately, Alaska Back Care Center, based in Anchorage employs professionally trained chiropractors who have mastered the most effective techniques for relieving back pain in adults and children. To begin your journey to freedom from back pain, call Alaska Back Care Center and our caring team can schedule you a session with one of our chiropractors. Alternatively, you can book an appointed online right now.

Back Pain Relief: FAQ

What are the symptoms of back pain?

Just about everyone experiences back pain at some stage in life. Back pain can range from a mild aching sensation to serve pain, which potentially prevents you from participating in everyday activities. Here are some of the common symptoms of back pain:

– Stabbing pain
– Shooting pains
– Pain radiating down one leg
– Pain that worsens during lifting or bending
– Pain that dissipates when lying down

Back pain can occur in specific situations, such as when you are walking or standing, or it can persist unrelentingly throughout the day and night. When back pain starts to interfere with your life, it’s time to call Alaska Back Care Center for help.

What are the causes of back pain?

In lots of cases, an acute injury is the cause of back pain. Heavy lifting injuries and sudden falls are common causes of back pain. Sometimes, the pain can arise gradually with no clear cause. Alaska Back Care Center’s chiropractors can treat all forms of back pain regardless of the initial cause. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain:

– Spinal irregularities, such as scoliosis
– Muscle strain
– Ruptured spinal discs
– Diseases like arthritis
– Ligament strain

Subject to the severity of your condition, we may send you for an X-ray at a nearby medical imaging facility. X-ray images can give professionals some extra information about your condition, allowing them to devise the most effective treatment plan.

Who does back pain affect?

Anyone can suffer from back pain, but the condition is more prevalent in elderly populations. Our chiropractic team offers a wide range of non-force chiropractic techniques to revive back pain in older patients who require more gentle treatments.

Here are some factors that can contribute to increasing your risk of suffering from back pain:

– Being overweight
– Engaging in improper lifting techniques
– Lack of physical exercise

The team of professionals at Alaska Back Care Center will work with you to relive your current back pain symptoms and prevent further pain developing at a later date.

What is the treatment protocol for back pain?

The first stage is an initial consultation. During that stage, your condition will be thoroughly evaluated. Next, a personalized treatment plan will be designed to help treat your back pain in the most effective manner. Our chiropractors are professionally-trained and experienced in delivering leading chiropractic techniques including:

– Cox® Technic flexion distraction
– Diversified manual adjustments
– Drop table techniques

Our doctors can also provide additional back pain relief including cold laser therapy, electric muscle stimulation, and ultrasound therapy.

No matter what your age or the severity of your condition, the expert medical team at Alaska Back Care Center can provide you with effective treatment for your pain. For fast relief from debilitating back pain, be sure to schedule a next day appointment online or call the office.


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