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November 27, 2018

Shoulder Pain: Best diagnosis and treatment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report analyzing injuries in the workplace of the private industry and state and local governments in 2014, sprains, strains, and tears accounted for … Read More >>

November 19, 2018

What is the Proper Head Restraint Position?

From Dr. Barry Matthisen, Proper head restraint position can reduce your risk of injury in rear-end crashes.  Head restraints that are in the wrong position, like too low, can increase … Read More >>

November 16, 2018

The 3 Best Exercises for your Low Back!

Injuries to the low back occur due to poor biomechanics of not utilizing proper hip hinging technique (bending at the hip), which leads to bending motions to occur at the … Read More >>

November 15, 2018

How to Improve your Posture for the Desk Worker

Neck and mid back pain due to abnormal posture in the work place is an extremely common issue in the desk worker population. Most of this is due to our … Read More >>

November 13, 2018

Where to go for low back pain? Harvard Medicine says see your Chiropractor!

Low back pain is one of the most common injury locations in the human body and most people will experience pain and dysfunction some time in your life. Where to … Read More >>

September 27, 2018

Kinesiotape: All your questions answered

Ever wonder what’s on the shoulder of Michael Phelps when he swimming for gold or on the shoulders of NBA players during the game? What you saw was kinesiotape! Kinesiotape … Read More >>

September 10, 2018

Low Level Laser Therapy now at Alaska Back Care Center!

Ever suffer from arthritic knee pain? TMJ issues? Or plantar fasciitis? Well our laser therapy can be the right conservative treatment option for you! Our brand new class 4 laser … Read More >>

August 24, 2018

Our 3rd Exam/treatment Room Fully Operational!

Say hello to our 3rd treatment/exam room! Our expanding clinic introduces you to more space and comfort but with the same expert and friendly care you will receive here at … Read More >>

August 22, 2018

What is a Whiplash Injury?

The term whiplash dates back to the early rail road days when rail cars would back up and connect to other rail cars.  The impact while hooking up cars caused … Read More >>