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Dr. Barry Matthisen: Your chiropractic expert

Dr. Barry Matthisen: Your chiropractic expert

One of the significant benefits of chiropractic care is that it is non-invasive and requires zero drugs. So if you’re feeling lower back, upper back, neck, and/or joint pain, choose Dr. Matthisen’s chiropractic services. Since 1991, patients have trusted his care. Our patients experience gentle, attentive, and effective treatment.

Three different chiropractic techniques are used at our clinic: Gonstead, Thompson, and Diversified. Together, these three techniques form what is commonly referred to as the “Palmer College Package,” named after the acclaimed first and foremost educational institute in the field of Chiropractic. It is also the very same school that Dr. Matthisen attended.

Dr. Matthisen’s methods are aimed at manipulating the spinal column and other joints in a way that allows the body to better heal itself from within. Any adjustments ensure the proper alignment of joints and the relief of any internal factors that inhibit the healing process.

Your spinal column houses the major components of your nervous system. Your nervous system controls every organ – even every cell – in your body. Therefore, it is with utmost importance that your spinal health is assessed, diagnosed, and treated properly.

That’s where Dr. Matthisen and Alaska Back Care Center can help. If you’re ready to choose exceptional service in a caring environment, contact us today!


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