Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment

The nervous system consists of the spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the brain. It is the communication system of the body. Having your spine in good health will help in improving the chance of your nervous system communicating optimally.

Staying Hydrated

Every cell in the body needs water to properly function, and this includes cells in the nervous system and the spinal discs. The spinal discs are full of fluids, and this is the axis where the entire spine rotates on during movement. The disc needs to function optimally for the spine to function optimally, and this is why it is important to hydrate your body. You should have a goal to drink daily. A good goal is dividing your weight by half then drinking the amount of water in ounces. If your weight is 160 pounds, aim to drink 80 ounces of water daily.

Reducing Stress

Many people don’t realize that stress has a negative effect on the body. Being stress can sometimes wear you both emotionally and physically. Conditions like diabetes, obesity, headaches, heart disease, depression, and spinal movements are affected negatively by chronic stress. You should incorporate daily practices such as meditation, mindful breathing, and other calming tools in your routine because they can help improve your ability to deal with stressors.

Increasing Happiness

You should not just stop at the ability to handles stress and decrease stressors in your life – you should also add some joy to your life! Enjoying the small things in life will help you a lot. Savor the happy moments, activities, and laugh more often because it will positively affect both your body and mind.

Moving Around

You need to regularly move your body. You should try dedicating about half an hour daily to movement. This does not mean going to the gym and going hard on the weights every day of the week, but you should choose something you enjoy doing. This can be as simple or taking a walk around the block or a bike ride around. There are different options to choose from when it comes to exercise, and there is a good chance there is an activity you enjoy doing.

Stretching It Out

Stretching is very important to us. This does not mean you have to go out there and try to be an expert in yoga, but you should try adding a little stretching into your life, even if it is doing it for a couple of minutes before heading to sleep. There are some few stretches you can give a try:

Stretching the entire body with arms and legs outstretched then holding it for 45 seconds.

Pulling knees to the chest then curling the head close to the knees, then hold this for 45 seconds.

Pulling knees into the chest then rotating the knees over each of the two sides for 45 seconds per side.

Sitting up and putting the feet on the floor then bending over at the hips then letting the arms hang towards the feet, then holding the position for about 15-45 seconds.

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