Chiropractic care plays an important role during the pregnancy period. It enhances the normal physiological functions of both the mother and baby. More women are discovering the important benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. The Webster Certification is an area of expertise of chiropractic care during pregnancy.

The Webster technique is a specific adjustment that involves sacral analysis. The purpose of this chiropractic adjustment is to minimize the effects of sacral subluxation as well as SI joint dysfunction. The neuro biomechanical functions in the pelvis area are facilitated with this method. In fact, sacral subluxation could contribute to difficulty during the labor period for the mother (dystocia) – which is caused by pelvis contraction, inadequate uterine function as well as baby mal-presentation. Correction of this issue will have positive effects on all of the causes of dystocia.

The History Of Webster Technique

The Webster Technique was developed by Dr. Larry Webster – the founder of ICPA and a Life College instructor. The technique was developed to facilitate the birth of Shannon – the granddaughter of Dr. Larry. Dr. Webster was present when her daughter – Lucinda – gave birth to Shannon. Although Dr. Webster adjusted her during birth, it was a long and arduous birth. Dr. Webster felt that chiropractic care could have a much bigger impact on labor with a more specific approach.

After the personal experience of Dr. Webster, he developed an adjustment for laboring women to help them with the ease of birth. He thought there should be a more specific way to address subluxations during pregnancy – which would contribute to an easier birth.

The Webster Certification

The Webster Technique is quite popular today in terms of pregnancy and birth conversation. Many women are looking for chiropractic doctors who are proficient in this technique. Always check to ensure persons are properly accredited before engaging them to handle matters in regards to your health. Your skeletal, spinal and overall wellness is of far too much importance to not look into certification. This may mean the difference between a body that is able to heal itself and lifelong damage caused by an unprofessional.

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