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At Alaska Back Care Center, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of our field. Nowhere else is that more evident than with our whiplash therapy service. While we strive for and maintain exceptional quality in each of our services, we are true whiplash specialists.

Whiplash is a neck injury most commonly associated with car crashes, especially rear-end car crashes, but they can occur by being hit elsewhere. Injury can range from simple muscle strains to injuries involving the ligaments, joints, discs, and nerves in the neck.

Whiplash injuries can range from minor muscle strains (grade 1) to injuries requiring surgery (grade 5)*. Even low speed rear-end crashes under 10 miles per hour with little or no damage to the vehicle(s) can cause serious injury to the neck and back.

Dr. Matthisen consistently remains at the forefront of whiplash research, thanks to his involvement with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego since 2002. They review whiplash research from around the world and share research with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In fact, Dr. Matthisen’s expertise is so widely sought after for medico-legal cases, that you can view his Curriculum Vitae here.


Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) is a new type of fluoro-based x-ray system. Combined with new digital and optic technology, it allows us to view the spine in a real-time motion at 30 x-rays per second. The procedure is performed with the patient standing and actively moving their head and neck within the system.

We are the only chiropractic clinic in Alaska that utilizes Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) to diagnose and treat our patients. This latest innovation in chiropractic technology allows us to check for factors that other forms of imaging cannot, such as joint instability. Dr. Matthisen continues to stay on the forefront of whiplash research, and our DMX provides invaluable insight.

*The therapy you receive depends upon the severity of your injury. Dr. Matthisen will evaluate your injury and provide the proper recommendations for therapy. We conduct conservative therapy for all grades of injuries, and we have an expansive referral network of medical specialists for those requiring more invasive therapy.



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